Monday, July 16, 2007

More Work Than I Thought

This is proving to be a great task. But I think with the help of some others this will really turn out. I should have a new update for the demo tomarrow. I have added the beach camp and all of the major characters to the map. I also started on the weapons system, and added a short video clip of the lost intro screen from the tv show. I am really excited to see how well this is all working out, and I can't wait to show everyone else.
hopefully I can get someone to make me a new template for the blog so it is a little more unique that the default template that i have now. if you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me at or at the Lostpedia Forums.


Anonymous said...

Ur demo is great! Im looking forward to seeing the result. You can be sure im going to follow ur progress. scottmans

Incision Division RPG said...

Hey this is Apollo Candy at LP and I am really thrilled that you are keeping this going, it should be really good. Just make sure to finish it before the real game comes out, or you'll be out of luck! =[