Monday, July 9, 2007

Story, Story, Story

I didnt get anytime to work on the actual game itself because i was out of town but i did get the chance to sit down an write out most of what will became the main characters background and flashback story. I think this is one of the most important things in the lost tv show. it is what keeps people watching. To know who these people are and why they do the things that they do and why they ended up on the plane to begin with.

I have decided to make the game more puzzles but i am kind of playing around with the idea of having some zelda like action. But the main game will be puzzles and figuring out certain things by way of clues and talking to people around you. Just like real life. I hope to keep a good pace and finish this by the middle of the 4th season of the show.

I have also decided to use short clips from the show to show some things that would otherwise be impossible to traslate in game form. I am going to be updating the demo soon. I am currently working on the Island camp and will be starting in on the events that take place on the island. After i finish that part of the game i will add all of the flashback events.

So look forward to some new stuff, including the entire cast of the first season. If you would like to help me just contact me and let me know how you would like to help.

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