Monday, September 17, 2007

New Version This Week!!! (Applause)

The latest version of Lost: The Unoffical Game is almost finished. Though this version will still just be a demo it will include alot of the elements that the final version will include. I am also going to release a trailer for the game soon to. I am also looking for someone to help me with the flashback story. I have an idea for it but am not 100% confedent of my ideas. So if you think you would like to help with this and don't mind ruining the story and can keep the secret from the rest of the Unoffical game fans then let me know, either through the blog or email. The offical thread for the contest can be found here:

1 comment:

Hornet said...

Great news man.....I read that this will probably be the last demo before the actual game comes out....How long of a wait do you think thats gonna be?

Looking forward to this new demo, I'm sure it will be good just like your other ones....Keep up the good work!